Affiliate Guide

Affiliate Guide

I created this post in order to show  you my present experience during my long way to find some good job convenient for me in Internet.


One of the most lucrative opportunities to earn money from your site, along with ads in it, excluding revenue from selling their own product or service is through the partner  programs or so-called Affiliate programs.

What are Affiliate Programs?
Generally, these are programs where you paid to attract a new customer service site offering the program. In English, attraction is called affiliate , and attracted - referral .


How do Affiliate Programs?
If an Internet user opens your affiliate link to the affiliate program that included his wish to use the services or goods as it is registered and / or pay them, you get a commission that you've attracted a customer of the services / goods. This is the main difference between the partner programs and Google Adsense, where you get paid for views and clicking on any visitor to your advertisement or link on the program. It is also important to note that you do not sell the service or product, which is the main difference between franchising and Affiliate programs. You just lead your visitors to the site, which makes the sale (the term "sale" understanding the customer registration, whether for paid or free service / product) and implemented accordingly receive such rate or the most firmly established commission.


 How you can earn from affiliate programs.
In some forums I met comparisons of different owners of the sites of their income from the Affiliate and Adsense, with the idea that one is better than the other. The main argument of both is that your commission can be as few cents and tens of dollars, depending on the type and price of the product, and others that  pay you for and display all your guests, open connections to program, not only to attract customers. Personally, I find the dispute to be superfluous, as you can safely earn money from both options simultaneously. But the question is how many different responses for sites with different language and target orientation. Opportunities for English-language sites are far more than the Bulgarian, for example. Therefore, you need to know

how to find the best affiliate program for you.
Factors that are important for this choice are many and I do not claim to be exhaustive on the subject. I want to emphasize a few of them that I think are essential to help you what to watch when choosing affiliate programs whose products or services to advertise on your site. With time and experience, you will find rest easier.

Connection with the themes of the site: Rule number one, apply to any advertising on your site from which you want to make directly. I.e. not sacrificing space and effort in offering something that would bring huge dividends, but no relation to what your site visitors have come to find. Because you simply will not have "sales" chasing the wild rather than tame.


Quality and Stability: Do not offer anything that you have not tried and you are not sure it's worth (I personally follow this principle), because not only your visitors might be deceived. Look for programs with a reputation programs with proven period of existence and officially published statements and contact details.

Provided support: best affiliate programs provide many different aids such as banners, logos, advertising texts, tips on increasing sales, renewed regularly information and statistics system for feedback and response to inquiries within 24 hours, free tools to facilitate sales you.


Of course, to these basic criteria, you can add others, such as the amount of commission. It should not be disproportionate compared to the price of the product. The most common proposals are commissions between 15 and 50%. In high promises are questionable. Lower, talk about difficult salable product. There are exceptions, of course, but precisely because they are exceptions, you should be careful to check things in the last two criteria - quality and stability and provide support. Programs offer free services or products, but assure your hard commission, are "the sweetest" because everyone knows that free sell much easier, but how do you win with such a question.

The error, which must be kept when choosing affiliate program - especially if such a program ask for money, under any pretext, generally do not consider, and more!


Here are some tips for better results from your participation in affiliate programs:
• write individual items that specifically in the field of affiliate product or service and put them in the link or banner by the affiliate;
• the implementation of the above, however, put your site and subject at the center, never the affiliate product / service and even less - Partner Program;

• Do not clutter your site with links from affiliate programs and stick to the rules for optimal placement of advertisements and promotional messages in the text and the site as a whole;
• Share in forums, chat groups, etc. places, but in similar areas to that of the partner product or service that some information about them that you have from personal experience and can also persuade others to try.
I leave you to look for "their" affiliate program and expect to share and experience in this direction. And if you have not yet aware of the methods on how to make your site your Internet businesses, see below my future tips:

You can get much more professional trainings with much lower cost or even free.

What I recommend

A review website is good for affiliate marketing, but you really don't need to join a program to get it. Maybe you have known about Wordpress, a free blog platform. It is  being used by almost all the successful Internet marketers.

By using wordpress, any person with little computer knowledge can set up a profitable blog in miniutes. A wordpress blog is much better than a "cash pulling websites”. It is extremely search-engine-friendly and is supported by hundreds of "add-ons" which make it super powerful.


Bellow is link to Wordpress


You also could create free web site here:


And if you preffer you could create your free web site from here:


You now  have  a domain name for zero cost when your free site is ready and online but nobody know about it,

Of couse if you want your affiliate business will be more successful is the best you have premium hosting and your own domain not subdomain only(wich is free from sites listed above).You should pay montly fees then but you will get some more Internet Traffic and advertisment of your site or blog which is provided as support from these companies.When you want to have business you have to upgrade your free site to site with your own domain name and then you will have also more free web space for your site free ads for Google and many other advantages.

When your business site is ready you could register as an affiliate to sites which you will choice.

looked at many sites and chose the best products to advertise and sell them through my site.I recommend these best affiliate sites to you, but the choice is yours.

Of course you could register to an affiliate program and receive affiliate link and you could work with this special link but then it is necessary you copy and paste your link for this program only and try to put it in places like forums and social networks with special description about what you offer.

Most professional is to make your own website or blog through which to advertise the products.




I wish you all success!

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