Hi Dear Friends!I’m Stela.I’m electronic engineer and advertisement specialist. I graduated Technical School of Electronics, Town of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria, Secondary education-Speciality electronic computing, Technical University, Town  of Gabrovo, Bulgaria,  Electrical and Electronics – Electrical Engineer, Specialization-Design and Diagnostics of Electronic Devices and  Technical University, Town of Gabrovo, Bulgaria, Free  School for furter training - Advertising Professional.

My Work experience is:

TMCo Ltd.-Town of Debeletz- Position-  “Technical Secretary and Head of Staff” „Carat Electronics” AD, Town of  Veliko  Turnovo-Innovative Projects-Position-Technical Marketing Expert,  „Carat Electronics” AD, Town of Veliko  Turnovo-Innovative Products Department-Position-Technical Marketing Expert,  Zaten Lev Trading” Ltd.-Town of Sofia, Unit Product Innovations-Position-Technical Marketing Expert,  “Carat Electronics” AD-Town of Veliko    Turnovo-Technical Development Department-Position-Technical Marketing Specialist,   “Carat Electronics” AD – Town of Veliko   Turnovo – Logistics and Supply Department– Position – Supplies Specialist, ”Electron Commerce” Ltd. – Town of Veliko Turnovo – Position –Sales Manager,  Territorial division of Bulgarian Posts – Regional Center for Mass Privatization -Town of Veliko TurnovoPosition – System Operator ecc.

My Computer literacy:  MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Paint, Outlook, Photoshop, Corel Drow, Internet ecc.

Other qualifications  and courses that I have: CERTIFICATE №001DS2007-WEB design-Vocational Training Center ”Intelekti” -CERTIFICATE №002DS2008-Computer Graphics- Photoshop CS2, CorelDraw X3-Vocational Training Center “Intelekti”.

Driving License       -    Yes    

Others: Work with office appliances – Computer, Fax, Printer , Scanner, Xerox

Languages:  Bulgarian,  English , Italian , Russian  and Deutsch.

Personal characteristics:

Ambitious, well-organized, responsible, able to work in team and under pressure...

All these things I describe you not for apply my CV for a new job!I indicate this in fact of that I understood that with all my skills and work experience I could find best work here that satisfies me completely.

I tried constantly many different possibilities for some new business.

From 1999 I started my business in companies which work by MLM-Multy Level Marketing like AMWAY, Oriflame, Forever Living Products and FM Group.I visitet a couple of seminars and scools for beauty and I can say that this gave me more than all the thing I learned before and they started my personal development.










At the same time I was a distributor of underwear, sanitary napkins, solar toys and many other different products.


I tried to work in area quite fifferent from my present skills and started works in pharmacy, in Hotels, carpentry firm ecc. becouse I always follow my dreams and wanted try all different possibilities for sucess.


I like to travel very much and visit nice places in Bulgaria and all the world.I love sing, play guitar and synthesizer and listen my favourite music.I’ve written the text and music of  many my songs as well.I read many books about how to become the best, positive person and for The Secret of Success!




At the moment I come unwrapped in area Internet Marketing and Trade

and I already convinced that I’m ready for this business already and this is my best way to the future.


About Internet Marketing and Affiliate Programs I learned surf the Internet , looking to most convenience work from me from home from my laptop and also Internet Business , permissed to develop my comunicate skills in fact of that it is impossible to be successful not know how to communicate and have a high level of communication.


I spend many time – days and nights during find what exactly I should make in Internet myself.

2 Years ago I was impressed from a suggestion for Internet business to become part of electronic international Mall.I registered first free, then I become paid member in order to reach all possibilities which this business offer.After initial fee for Special Marketing education for this business that cost me many money for me I paid every montly fees for support as well.1 Year later I was convinced that in my country Bulgaria it is nearly impossible to earn money by this way and also no worth I give my money anymore for expensive support that not provides me success.

I must acknowledge that it was one of my failed attemps.

Nearly the same is the situation with some free sites where you could register for free and if you would like to take much money to become paid member.In fact of that it is impossible for me to pay anywhere for try new possibilities for successful business I all days probed opinios of peoples which tried it already and told me that it doesn’t work actually.Morning enthusiastic by some new site and business idea in the evening I was convinced that also this is not my right way to success in Internet.I read many sites, blogs and articles and before but day after day I started understand for what it is.I understood that maybe it is possible to earn some money of these sites but it is necessary to know how and not everybody can learn much money immediately just registered in some site and even pay the fee required for start business.At the moment I still haven’t friends here in my town and in my country which work in Internet Marketing and all things I learn only from Internet from the good internet marketeers which have big success now and from esperience of many people like me from all the world.


I subscribed everyday in new sites and received every day a couple of e-mails that I read and thinked what I can do for my success in Internet business.


I found in this way many programs for surveyspaid and work from home like content writer, translator ecc. and even I registered new e-mail for that goal but soon I understood that for the most of these programs I have to  pay monthly fees and this not ensure me new paid job.Later I tried in one free survey program to register but I understand that they are not available in my area or the offers from the companies  from Bulgaria only which are in my area are very limited.


Finnaly I know what exactly is necessary to do right now and with this site I would like to help to many people who dream of working online from home!Just follow my tips in My Affiliate Guide!
















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